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Using hydro excavation trucks for drain cleaning, property owners and municipalities can ensure the safe and efficient operation of their drainage systems, reducing the risk of costly repairs and potential environmental hazards. This approach is highly effective for clearing out sediment, grease, oil, and other materials that can cause blockages and backups in the drain system. In addition, hydro excavation trucks can be equipped with specialized nozzles and attachments that are designed to remove specific types of blockages, making them highly versatile and capable of tackling a wide range of drain cleaning challenges.


Vacuum excavation reduces the risks when exposing or digging around utilities. There are two methods of doing this: either by water or air.


Hydro-excavation is a cost effective solution due to the amount of labor and time saved. It is up to 4 times cheaper than traditional excavation, with less service interruptions as well as insurance rates!


Hydro excavation is a cleaner and more efficient way to construct roads, buildings. It allows for quick work with little environmental impact while preventing potential hazards from buried utilities in the area

Jet Rodding To Clear Blocked Drains Gold Coast

High-pressure water systems are used for drain clearing in Brisbane to remove clogs and blockages, in a process known as jet rodding. This method is highly efficient, effective, and versatile as it can easily reach hard-to-access areas and clear out debris using unique spray patterns. Unlike traditional plumbing systems, jet rodding is gentler and is suitable for different types of blockages. The powerful industrial-standard high-pressure water jetter used by Provac applies over 5000 psi of force, which can remove even the most stubborn debris.To locate the source of the blockage, CCTV drain cameras guide the jet rodder, which can also detect future blockages. SEQ Vacuum Excavation employs jet rodding services for both sewer and stormwater drains, which often experience blockages due to debris buildup, broken or crushed pipes, foreign objects such as tree roots, cracks, and breakages in the pipes.If you require drain clearing in Brisbane, SEQ Vacuum Excavation is the leading provider of high-pressure water jetting services, with years of experience in drain cleaning and underground service and utility locating. They also offer vacuum excavation services. Contact SEQ Vacuum Excavation for assistance with your blocked drain and get your pipes cleared in no time.

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Gold Coast Hydro Jetting And Drain Clearing

Our vacuum trucks break up dirt with pressurised water before removing it with the help of a vacuum system and depositing it in a debris holding tank where it can be disposed of safely.

To clear major blockages in drain and sewer pipes caused by foreign objects, tree roots, fatbergs, and accumulated wipes.

To blast away stubborn blockages that cannot be removed using traditional methods like draining rods, snakes, and electric eels.
To prevent backflow and ensure an unobstructed flow of waste water away from the property, avoiding inconvenience and potential health hazards.

To efficiently clear major blockages in a timely manner, minimizing downtime and disruption to property owners and users.
To avoid damage to drainage caused by older methods like electric eels, which may cause cracking or collapse of pipes.

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Jet Rodding To Clear Blocked Drains Gold Coast

Major pipe blockages: When there is a significant blockage in a pipe, jet rodding is often the most effective solution. Major blockages can occur directly from the fixture (toilet, sink, basin, etc.), the drain of the fixture, or in the main sewer line. Jet rodding uses high-pressure water jets to blast away debris, such as tree roots, fatbergs, and other obstructions, that have built up and caused the blockage.

Unobstructed flow:
The drain pipes and sewer pipes are the channels for removing waste water away from a property. It’s essential that these pipes remain clear at all times to ensure an unobstructed flow and prevent the inconvenience of backflow when amenities are used. Jet rodding helps maintain the smooth flow of water by clearing blockages that cause backups, flooding, and other issues.

Preventing backflow:
When pipes become blocked, it can cause backflow, which is when water and sewage flow back into the fixtures instead of away from the property. This can cause significant damage to the property, and it can also be a health hazard. Jet rodding can prevent backflow by clearing blockages and ensuring that water flows freely through the pipes.

Regular maintenance:
Regular drain cleaning can help prevent blockages from occurring in the first place. However, it’s usually not until a blockage occurs that a jet rodding plumber is booked to fix the problem. By scheduling regular maintenance and cleaning, you can prevent blockages from occurring and keep your pipes clear.

Efficient solution:
Jet rodding is a modern, efficient way to clear a major blockage. It’s less time-consuming than using draining rods, snakes, and electric eels, and it can blast away even the toughest obstructions quickly and easily. The high pressure of jet rodding clears a blockage in an efficient manner, making it an ideal solution for property owners who want to resolve blockages quickly and minimize downtime.

We Are Better Than A Plumber For Drain Cleaning On The Gold Coast

While plumbers are experts in diagnosing and fixing plumbing issues, a hydro excavation truck offers some unique advantages when it comes to dealing with blocked drains and sewers.
Here are some points of difference:
Efficiency: A hydro excavation truck can remove large quantities of debris quickly and efficiently. It can dig through soil and sediment, and even remove tree roots that may be causing the blockage. This can be done in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the extent of the blockage, whereas a plumber may take longer to clear the same blockage using traditional methods
Precision: A hydro excavation truck can excavate precisely where needed, reducing the risk of damage to surrounding pipes, utility lines, or other structures. With its high-pressure water system, it can blast through the toughest of blockages without damaging the pipes, and can easily reach into hard-to-reach areas. Plumbers, on the other hand, may need to use invasive methods to diagnose and clear blockages, which can lead to damage.

Safety: A hydro excavation truck is a safer option when it comes to excavating around buried utilities and pipelines. Plumbers may need to use heavy equipment and machinery, which can cause damage to underground structures and cause safety hazards. With hydro excavation, the high-pressure water system is used to dig, reducing the risk of damage or accidents.

Cost-effective: While hiring a hydro excavation truck may initially seem more expensive than hiring a plumber, it can actually be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. Hydro excavation can remove the blockage quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for follow-up repairs and maintenance, which can be costly. Additionally, the precision of the excavation can reduce the need for extensive repairs to surrounding structures, further reducing costs.

Environmentally friendly: Hydro excavation is an environmentally friendly method of excavation, as it does not use harmful chemicals or produce harmful waste. The process is entirely water-based and uses a vacuum system to collect the debris, making it a more sustainable option compared to traditional excavation methods. Plumbers may need to use harsh chemicals to clear blockages, which can be harmful to the environment and lead to additional costs for waste disposal.


What is drain clearing, and how does it work?

Drain clearing is a process of removing blockages, debris, and other materials from drainage systems, such as storm drains, catch basins, and sewer pipes. Hydro vacuum trucks are commonly used for drain clearing, as they combine high-pressure water jets with a powerful vacuum system to break up and remove blockages and debris from the drains. The water jet loosens the blockage, while the vacuum system removes the debris from the drain.

What are the benefits of using hydro vacuum trucks for drain clearing?

Drain clearing is a process of removing blockages, debris, and other materials from drainage systems, such as storm drains, catch basins, and sewer pipes. Hydro vacuum trucks are commonly used for drain clearing, as they combine high-pressure water jets with a powerful vacuum system to break up and remove blockages and debris from the drains. The water jet loosens the blockage, while the vacuum system removes the debris from the drain.

How do I know if hydro vacuum trucks are the right solution for my drain clearing needs?

Hydro vacuum trucks are ideal for drain clearing applications where traditional methods, such as snaking or plunging, have failed or are not feasible due to the size or location of the blockage. They are also effective for clearing large amounts of debris or sediment from drains, such as after a storm or flood. If you are unsure whether hydro vacuum trucks are the right solution for your drain clearing needs, it is best to consult with a professional service provider who can assess the situation and recommend the most appropriate solution.


We’ve worked for countless happy clients throughout Brisbane, sunshine coast, the Gold Coast and the rest of southeast Queensland. We’ve provided non-destructive, problem-free excavation services for a long time now, to a wide variety of clients, ranging from plumbers, electricians, and building contractors. We have dug trenches up to 80–100 metres long and 1 metre deep for some of our electrical clients.

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